LalaBright Psychic Medium and this Company  Blog #1

LalaBright Psychic Medium and this Company Blog #1

I am a US citizen, born in the Northeast,  and I live in the United States.  I hope to travel the world one day.  And you can make a contribution to that wish by allowing me to do readings for you.

I have been able to know and see things I should not have been able to, in a materialistic world, since I was a child.  My father was a light worker and a powerful Reiki practitioner.  He taught me Reiki at a young age.  As I grew older, I would not hide my abilities and I scared people around me not knowing that I shouldn't.  My parents had me hide my abilities and I rarely used them except for family and close friends.  Recently I lost my parents and boyfriend.  I felt the need to use my talents and possibly interact with my passed family and help others interact with their deceased family and friends.  I began doing readings for random people on social media and I began to draw interest.

A man I had never met is very active on FB.  He is a scientist but he is interested in UFOs, spirituality and he was kind to everyone but he argues politics a lot.   I ask him to be my FB friend.  He accepted and we said hi.  Then it was a while of occasional likes and comments.   Then I saw his mother was passing.  I reached out as delicately as I could and offered him a reading.  I already knew he was a scientist from his FB page as I said earlier.  He told me he was curious but skeptical.  Soon his mother passed and he asked for the reading.  Let's just say he get a lot for the time it took to do the readings he wanted. 

Dr. Bob McGwier, retired faculty from Virginia Tech, and living in Opelika, AL is an entrepreneur.  He asked if I was interested in doing this work in a serious way if he set up a company to do it.  Now my suspicions were raised but I asked lots of questions.  And it was not at all what I feared.  He wanted a tiny percentage of the income to pay for the management of the company (such as this web site) and to have our taxes prepared and to pay for other operating costs.  He went right to work and  open the corporation in the State of Alabama, open bank accounts, and more and got the store started and here we are. 

I love doing readings.  They make me feel good when people are uplifted and emotional about talking to the loved ones.  This is not the only thing I do and I will cover those in future blog entries.

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